Kaci and Keith | Boulder Colorado Engagement Session

September 4, 2023

Imagine the picturesque beauty of Boulder, Colorado as the backdrop for an unforgettable engagement shoot. South Mesa Trailhead, with its stunning views and natural charm, sets the stage for Kaci and Keith’s love story.

As Kaci and Keith embark on their wedding planning journey, they have chosen Colorado to commemorate their love. Next summer, in 2024, they will exchange vows and begin a new chapter in their lives together. But before that momentous day arrives, we got together to capture their joy and excitement through an engagement session.

We connected through the amazing team @ Wild Social Micro Weddings! I am so thrilled to be working with these fabulous planners. Their expertise in wedding planning is top notch.

South Mesa Trailhead provides the perfect setting for this special occasion. Its sprawling landscapes offer a variety of backdrops – from lush greenery to majestic mountains – allowing the photographer to capture every precious moment with artistic flair. As Kaci and Keith explore this picturesque location hand-in-hand, their love will shine through each frame.

With each click of the camera shutter, emotions will be frozen in time – laughter, tenderness, anticipation – all beautifully preserved forever.



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