Jessica and Cole | Brainard Lake, Colorado Engagement Session

September 26, 2023

As a photographer, there is nothing more exciting than capturing the love and joy of a couple’s engagement session. And when that session takes place in the breathtaking beauty of Brainard Lake, Colorado, it becomes an unforgettable experience.

From the moment I met Jessica and Cole, I could feel their love radiating between them. Their chemistry was palpable, and it made my job as their photographer an absolute pleasure. Every shot captured their genuine connection – laughter, stolen glances, and tender embraces that spoke volumes about their relationship.

The natural beauty of Brainard Lake only enhanced the magic of this photo session. The majestic mountains towering in the background created a sense of awe and wonder – a fitting symbol for the journey that Jessica and Cole were embarking on together.

As we explored different spots around Brainard Lake, it became clear that this location held special meaning for them.  This is where Cole proposed and Jessica said YES!

Capturing moments like these is what makes being a photographer so rewarding. It’s about freezing those fleeting instances of pure happiness and immortalizing them through photographs that will be cherished for years to come.

Jessica and Cole’s engagement photo session at Brainard Lake was not just about taking pictures; it was about capturing their love story in its most authentic form – raw emotions, genuine smiles, and unfiltered joy.¬†Love stories like Jessica and Cole’s deserve to be told through beautiful images that evoke all the emotions felt on that special day.



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