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June 4, 2023

Courtney and Jordan’s special day took place at the enchanting Villa Parker in Parker, Colorado, making it a truly memorable destination wedding.

Capturing the essence of love and joy, our lenses were focused on immortalizing every heartfelt moment shared between Courtney and Jordan. From their tender vows to the infectious laughter that filled the air, we strived to encapsulate their unique journey as they embarked on this beautiful chapter together.

The picturesque backdrop of Villa Parker provided an idyllic setting for their celebration. The stunning Colorado landscape served as a breathtaking canvas against which their love story unfolded. As photographers, we were privileged to document these precious moments against such a captivating backdrop.

Our aim was not only to capture traditional wedding shots but also to portray the genuine emotions that radiated from this couple. We sought to create a visual narrative that showcased their connection and highlighted the beauty of their union.

Courtney and Jordan’s wedding at Villa Parker was nothing short of magical. It was an honor for us as photographers to be part of their special day and witness the love and happiness that surrounded them. Through our lenses, we hope to preserve these cherished memories for years to come.

Check out their engagement shoot here!

Venue – Villa Parker
Second Photographer – Molly Margaret
Catering – Rocky Mountain Catering
Dress – Eddie K @ The Bridal Box, CA
Grooms Attire – Tuxedo Den, Sacramento, CA
Cake – Posh Cakes
Hair and Make up – Inspire Salon



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