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Candice and Ricardo Winter Wedding | Della Terra Mountain Chateau, Estes Park, CO

January 7, 2020

Candice and Ricardo made the decision to have their wedding in Estes Park, Colorado at Della Terra Mountain Chateau. I absolutely love this venue! Its so so so beautiful especially in winter!

Candice and Ricardo met at a simple bar in Austin, where they are from. His first words were, “How tall are you?” and she didn’t think it was cliche this time around (it helped that he was incredibly handsome). They’ve been totally inseparable since.

“There are small moments in life that feel weightless. A few words, a small gesture, a hurried scribble of a phone number on a bar napkin. Yet these airy moments sometimes root themselves deep in the heart, humming softly and patiently, and over time a great love grows. This love forms strong roots to embrace and entwine, green guiding stems working their way into feet and fingers, blossoming out of mouths until all one can speak is its warmth. “




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