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Jessica and Bryce | Wedgewood Mountain View | Pine, Colorado Wedding

August 26, 2019

I fell immediately head over heels when I sat down and got coffee with Jessica and Bryce. Jessica is a huge true crime fan, like me! Bryce reminds me so much of my husband. I totally get their yin and yang. These two play off each other so well. I am a firm believer that you’ve gotta marry your best friend – and thats what they decided to do!

“I met Bryce in college. I went to NAU in Flagstaff AZ and Bryce went to ASU in Phoenix. My best friend/roommate was Bryce’s best friend’s girlfriend. They came up for the weekend to go mountain biking. I immediately thought he was cute! However we just remained very casual friends, seeing each other in group settings until three years later when I moved to Phoenix to start my career after having graduated from college. I reached out to Michael (best friends now ex-boyfriend) and he invited me out to a country swing bar with he and Bryce. I was too shy to dance (so awkward) so Bryce asked me if I wanted to go get some food elsewhere with him. We hit it off, went on a couple more friend dates, went to a lake party together – and decided to officially ‘date’ after that. I asked him later why he wanted to keep seeing me after I was so awkward at that swing bar – he said I was clearly uncomfortable and not in my element, so why would he judge me for that? He would rather get to know me when I can be myself. To me that was a huge sign of maturity – he also makes me laugh every day and takes good care of me. He doesn’t let me tell him what to do either, as much as I try – which is a good thing. I knew he was the one when I discovered I could 100% be my weird, intense, awkward, true-crime-loving self around him!”

Jessica and Bryce decided to have their wedding in Pine, Colorado @ Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch. I love these locations because they include a ton and helps take so much stress off finding all your vendors. Although they don’t have a photographer on hand – which works great as I was the chosen one! Everyones vibe the whole day was so great and positive!

We chose their first look spot to be right next to the lake adjacent to the ceremony location. While the groomsmen and bridesmaids had a perfect view from their cabin balcony, Jessica and Bryce exchanged gifts (a boudoir album for Bryce, and an incredible honeymoon already paid and booked for Jessica!), and also read their personal vows to each other. Heres the thing – I love first looks. Hands down. But I love even more when you read your vows to each other. Its just you two (and me!) promising each other to be BFFs always; no one staring at you as you profess your love or get awkward and weird. It’s just you two.

Bryce is a welder so it was only fitting that was somehow incorporated in their ceremony. They welded (is that the word?) a chain link together symbolizing their own bond. “Webster’s Dictionary defines “wedding” as the fusing of two metals with a hot torch. Well, you know something. I think you guys are two metals. Gold medals.” IM SORRY. I HAD TO.

Okay now I just need to talk about how incredibly fun their families are! These folks didnt step off the dance floor. They broke it down all night. Dropped it low and picked it right back up! They even threw meemaw in the air during “SHOUT”!

I had a freaking blast at this wedding! They ended their night with a huge tunnel send off and riding their tandem bike off!

Congrats you two!




Venue: Wedgewood Weddings
Second Photographer: Ella Moyer Photography
Floral: Amore Fiori
Dress: Essense of Australia, Dani West Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Beauty Bee Salon
Bridesmaids: Azazie
Menswear: Mens Wearhouse
Cake: The Dessert Stand


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