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Boudoir Minis!

April 26, 2018

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You amazing ladies asked for it! Im so glad I posted on silly ol Instagram about boudoir minis! So many of you were SO ABOUT IT! And that makes me SO STOKEDDDD because I absolutely love shooting boudoir! Lets get real about boudoir. Its awkward. Its silly. Its physically uncomfortable. Arch your back. Ok now ARCH MORE. This can be a workout. But we will laugh, make jokes, laugh some more, tell secrets, and most importantly, you will feel AMAZING.

Every single person Ive had the opportunity photographing has loved their experience. They each came in a bit timid. I don’t work with models, I work with real women. So its not an every day thing to get your photo taken so intimately. But watching these women come out of their shells, open up, and be powerful and empowered is my favorite part of why I love this so much!

denver, boudoir, photographer, photography, colorado, sexy, engagement, gift, love, empowerment, confidence, studio

I get it. Its scary. You’re going to meet some lady. Take your top off. And Im going to photograph it. It sounds so bizarre. But a common misconception about boudoir is that boudoir has to be naked. This is so not true. Boudoir does NOT have to be naked or even inappropriate. Boudoir can be tasteful, modest, sincere. Boudoir is what YOU want it to be. I will never, ever, make you do something you don’t want to do.

What to wear. This is a huge question. You can google and Pinterest your ideas, which I love!, but I always encourage my clients to bring what they already have. Bring what you feel best in. What makes you feel sexy? Is it your significant others shirt? A cozy sweater? A band t-shirt? Lingerie? Pajamas? Nothing at all? Seriously! Bring it! Like I stated before, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable – so if you’re not the girl who wears lingerie, why would I have you wear that? Thats not YOU. My mission is to capture YOU. The real, raw, YOU.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018
Private boudoir studio
Just you and me (but feel free to bring a friend!)
10am – 2pm
10 digital images
5 spots available

But wait! Theres more! 😉
Im also offering a discounted 6×6 black book!
This black book will be 20 pages. THAT MEANS, while yes you do get 10 digital images, you can fit as many images as you’d like in your black book! I recommend no more than 20 images.
Cost? Normally $80, but marked down to $40 for you ladies only!


To book please fill out the form below. A 50$ retainer is required to book your spot plus a signed contract.



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