Raschel + Steve | Holiday Mini Session

December 2, 2015

Rachel contacted me after seeing my editing work in a Facebook group. I LOVE how social media brings people together! Who would’ve thought?! She had a specific vision in mind. Christmas trees. Her and I had the same vision and I told her I really want to do a session at a Christmas tree farm. She was all about it! YAY! The first place I found turned out to be terrible. Luckily our second choice was a short drive away and was perfect!

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Raschel and Steve are like the dream couple every photographer wants! First of all, GORGEOUS. You know how theres those couples who just look like they belong? Thats them! Second, their chemistry together. I loved watching them interact with each other. These two are married and I could feel they truly belonged together. They complement each other so well. I was so happy and lucky to have been able to capture their moments! <3


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