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March 7, 2023

I always get so excited when I get an inquiry for a boudoir shoot! I truly believe in empowering yourself and capturing how totally immaculate you are! Boudoir photography is so much more than “sexy, suggestive” poses. This is about feeling naturally YOU! Wether you want to do a boudoir session for yourself, or for your significant other, I can guarantee you, you will be SO glad you did! Boudoir photography, right in Denver, Colorado. Lets talk!

This is YOUR body. This is what youve got. This is what makes you, YOU.

J’s boudoir session was nothing but short of INCREDIBLE!! We started our time with amazing hair and make up! I love working with Kim Jundts team of outstanding professionals. After just over an hour we were ready to begin!

We went through and chose her favorite outfits and coordinated them with the studio sets.


WE LAUGHED. WE CRIED BECAUSE WE WERE LAUGHING. Let me tell you, you will laugh with me the whole time! We are going to be our natural fun goofball selves while ALSO capturing increidble photos of you! You may start to think “oh theres no way this is going well.” Oh darling, everything is perfect! Getting you to laugh breaks that wall and helps you relax! And thats what its all about, letting go and being you.


Have you seen this amazing outdoor boudoir?!

Interested in booking a boudoir session? OF COURSE YOU ARE!!! Lets talk, babe 😉

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